Monday, September 13, 2010

Sun Valley!

Camp is going great. Today is an off day then back into some hard training through the end of the week. Really great weather here in Sun Valley, so we have been soaking up the last days of real summer before heading into fall.
Morning off. Coffee, breakfast then straight to check out the local willow tree house made by a local artist.
Wood chip floor made for an incredible smell
Definitely one of the cooler things I have seen
It is made with no twine or any substance to hold it together. Simply willow trees weaved together. Super sweet.
Matt Whitcomb stand-up paddle boarding on Petit Lake. We went for an awesome 3 hour run around Redfish Lake then headed to the Sinnott's cabin on Petit Lake. Thanks to the Sinnott's for great food and an epic afternoon at their lake house.
Totally beautiful here. We went tubing, stand-up paddle boarding, played horseshoes, wake-boarded and swam until our teeth chattered. It was straight up the best day I can remember during the last week, which is saying something because I have had an awesome week.
Diggins loving the wood chip floor.
Gelso, Simi, Matt and Tim in the boat going out for a round of tubing and wake-boarding.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PS I forgot to show you how cute these guys are....

Oh, them too, but I meant....
This guy....
and this guy....
And all those guys. Pigs are the worlds cutest creatures. Someday I will have one named Foxtrot, when I own a farm, and I will wear overalls and flannels every day. Dream big.

Fresh Tracks Farm

Fresh Tracks Farm and Winery just opened a new wine tasting building that I went to visit when I was home a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend going to check it out, especially if you have not tried any of their wine before. I would suggest getting the sampler, as you get to taste every variety they have and walk out with your very own Fresh Tracks Farm wine tasting glass! Not to mention the company you get to sit and chat with are not half bad! Thanks for all the support Kris and Christina have given me! Go visit the farm! The building still smells like fresh cedar. Best smell in the world!
Fresh Tracks Farm

Friday, September 3, 2010

Onion River Nordic Epic Day!

Onion River Nordic invited me on their annual epic adventure day last Sunday. Super fun group of kids and I was fired up to be a part of it all. Thanks for all the wonderful support from the parents and of course to Dan Voisin for setting the whole thing up!