Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Home and Girls on the Run

Spent a little time in Vermont 3 weeks ago and got to do some running with the Girls on the Run group from my Elementary School.  It was great to be home again, and as it was my 4th year joining there were some familiar faces!  It is so cool to see how the group has doubled in size in 4 years.  So inspiring to be among such an energetic group of young girls.  Though we were not quite able to finish our 40 minutes of running, as a thunder storm rolled in, we got a really good workout in and all came in with ear to ear smiles in time to play a trust game!  Thanks girls, for letting me join your inspiring group for a day!  See you next year and good luck at your 5k on June 6th!

Girls on the Run group from East Montpelier Elementary School

A visit to a kindergarten class always makes your day.

Girls on the Run group talking about setting goals and how to go about achieving them.

Flexing some strong muscles!

Stretching and warming up.

Kindergartener's practicing their tucks.

I also got to hang out with some of U-32 (my local high school) Cross Country skiing and running as well as Track athletes!  Really fun to meet this generation of hardcore, fun loving girls and guys that are absolutely a true team in every way.  They support one another, set goals together and inspire each other to be the best they can be.

Matt in his recently dug 5 foot hole for his cabin shed.

My mom and I went to help pour some concrete in the holes for the posts one day.

Into the hole it goes!

And we hiked Burke to ski the training hill one afternoon!

So fun to get my mom back on skis!

Hiking with my folks up Owls Head in Vermont.  It's a quick hike up but a nice view at the top.  Here I am with my Dad.

My mom trying on Matt's new motorcycle helmet!  It's a good look!

On a jaunt with the pooch.

The rain and sun came together to make a rainbow....

...just in time for dinner.  Thanks Vermont!  Until next time...stay green.