Sunday, December 2, 2012

History Is Being Made

Pure emotion looks like this.  Our relay team after finishing 3rd, our best result ever, in the World Cup in Gallivare, Sweden last week

My wax tech's Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Oleg!!!!

Day 1 in Gallivare.  Kikkan Randall, 3rd (best distance result ever in history for a US woman) and Holly Brooks, 5th (PR result for her as well).  I guess we will start off with a bang, then!

For the first time in US history, we had a relay team on the podium last weekend.  It was an incredible day, full of emotion, determination, heart and soul and absolute joy.  This is the team of women that made it all happen.  We are missing just one, Sadie Bjornsen, who is racing in the USA this first World Cup period.  Matt Whitcomb, our coach, should have been in this picture as well as he is a major part of why we were able to make this dream a reality.  Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm from back home.  We certainly feel it over here.

Me in the relay socks!

Me chasing the Norwegian down in my leg of the relay.


Our Relay Team.  They basically had to kick us off the podium we stayed on it so long taking pictures!

Kikkan, me, Chandra and Holly enjoying a delicious Bulle that one of our wax tech's wives made for us while we were in Gallivare.  Bulle is my favorite Swedish pastry, and these go down in the books for some of the best ever.  Thanks Tina!

Our Women's Team in the stadium in Ruka

Some Finnish media time!!
Sunrise/sunset here in Ruka.  Photo courtesy of Jessie Diggins

Chandra Crawford and me in Ruka the other day.  Chandra is a member of the Canadian Women's team (also an Olympic Gold Medalist from the Torino Games!) and has been on many training camps with our team over the last few years, including our trip to Sweden and Alaska this summer.  She is putting me up at her house in Canmore for a week after the World Cups!  Psyched to listen to her play guitar and sing, cook some meals together, and otherwise snuggle it up for the pre Christmas time.