Wednesday, January 28, 2009


These are the days we call glamour days.  They are the days that are sunny and warm, yet the tracks are still firm.  They are the days where you can head right out your front door and have hundreds of K of perfectly groomed trails to ski on, great skis, and great friends to do it with.  These are the kinds of days we have here.  I am in Praz de Lys, France for the U-23/World Junior Championships.  Tomorrow is our first race, a 10/15K freestyle, followed by a 15/30K pursuit on Saturday and a classic sprint on Sunday.  The juniors begin racing on Sunday with a classic sprint.  We are staying in a big hotel with 6 or 7 other teams, and so we have been trying to practice our languages when possible.  I am about to get a massage from our PT so I am going to go, but will post again tomorrow.  


Harry Poole said...

good luck liz! talk soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz its Maddie from Montana! Just wanted to wish you good luck! Cassie says HI. Cant wait to hear from you again! :)