Monday, February 23, 2009


Sprint day today.  It is snowing like mad and it a bit windy, so tactics could play a big role in the heats this afternoon.  The sprinters have been sitting around for a week now and are antsy as hell to get out there.  Today they get to do that.  More later, but here are some photos from the week, some are courtesy of Torin Koos and Garrott Kuzzy.

Torin Koos in our ice bath/trash can filled with snow and icy water.

The drive from Italy to Czech.

One of the guards outside our wax cabin.  
These guys are on duty 24/7 and it is not 
nice weather to be standing around all day in.

Kris Freeman on the big screen after his 4th place finish in the 15K classic.

     Andy Newell in the ice bath.  All in.

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