Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lahti to France

Pat Casey and Matt Whitcomb in Lahti, enjoying the first sun we had seen for 3 weeks.

View of the stadium in Lahti.  This is used as a soccer stadium in the summer.  
Lots of seats for spectators!

And they filled them all....

View of the stadium and jumps.  The nordic combiners and special jumpers had competitions here while we did, so we got to watch Billy Demong win one day and the days events kept the crowd entertained for most of the day.

The biggest coffee mugs we have in our cabins here in Metabief, France!  Not big enough if you only fill them once.  

We are here for OPA Cup Finals this weekend.  It is a multi-day pursuit style race.  The way it works is tomorrow we have a skate sprint race.  The person who wins tomorrow will have a one minute time bonus on 30th place in tomorrow's 5K skate race.  The second place finisher will start 3 seconds behind the winner, third place 3 seconds behind second place, etc all the way until 30th place.  After that it is a mass start for the rest of the field.  Then, on Sunday, we will start again, same style, and race a 10K classic.  The winner is the person who crosses the finish line first at the end of the weekend.  Pretty awesome.  


Bert said...

Liz... if you're reading this, THANKS for the postcards for Geneva and Grace! They (& I) are getting a big kick out of reading about your adventures around the World. Best of luck in you last races and please shoot me an email or call when you're back in Utah... we'd love to have you down for dinner some evening! Chris

noraconnor said...

Liz from East Montpelier...this is Nora from East Montpelier! I was just thinking about getting tickets to the Olympics next year in Vancouver - do you know whether you'll be competing there yet? If so, I'm going to need to snag some tickets. I have a friend I can stay with up there and would love to be there waving the Vermont flag for you (complete with grazing cows). Also, cute pic of you on the USA Cross Country website (as I was trying to internet-stalk your email address....but this was the best I could do). You should shoot me an email:

cfbengtson said...

Liz, I've been following your racing all winter...awesome!