Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Les Saisies Training Week

So much to catch up on, but I think I will just post a few photos from the last couple weeks to get you all up to speed!

Tour de Ski!!!!
7 races in 9 days
Happy 30th Kik!! (Kikkan and her husband Jeff)

Kik's birthday was celebrated in style with mustaches for all! We even skied in them, getting more than a few laughs from more than a few people!

Holly and I riding the huge Steinback made out of snow in Val Mustair, Switzerland!

This was a great day, as I qualified for the sprint heats for the first time in my career on the World Cup!! Top 30 make it to the rounds and I was number 30 in qualification!  I am all the way on the left in this picture, and I was REALLY fired up this day.  So fired up that I moved up to 25th on the day! Psyched!

Therese Johaug was the fastest climber on the final stage of the Tour up Alp Cermis.  She won a 32 inch plasma TV, which I know most of you men reading this would be totally amped about.  I am more into the flowers and pride she is holding, but, a TV would be nice too!

Kik and I post Alp Cermis climb.  I was 2nd on the day, which was my first ever World Cup podium, though it doesn't totally count as it was not a "normal" cross country ski race, but cool all the same.
Me and Matt.  He has coached me from the beginning and it was really cool to have him at the finish of the Tour this year.  He had back surgery last year so couldn't be there for last year's Tour, so he was pumped to be at this year's.

My tech, Oleg, me, Peter and Cory.  These guys are all techs for the team and they work their butts off to make the best skis possible each and every day for us.  We have a small team of staff, so everyone is on all the time, working extremely hard and making our job possible.

The Tour de Ski crew, minus the boys and the techs, at the top of Alp Cermis. Steph, the lady second from the right, is our awesome masseuse who makes this whole Tour possible for us.  And, she is a volunteer! 

Our Tour team of ladies. Jess, Kik, me, Holly.  Smiling, tired, proud and happy to be finished with this year's Tour.  Each year has had it's ups and downs and having a supportive team around you to help you through all of it is essential.  We have that nailed down.

A few of us went to do a show team sprint the night of the final stage in the Tour de Ski.  Ida and Jessie were a team and Holly and I formed another team.  A few of us did this event last year and had a blast. We were all so blown out from the Tour, but it is so fun that we made the trip over again.

Training/Recovery Week In Val di Fiemme

Holly and I all smiles post Tour de Ski

Sunny Val di Fiemme

Not so awesome toilet situation here in Italy....and yes, this is made for both genders.  #notawesome

Matt in his new training jacket! Ski team Iran!! If only the world could put differences aside and throw an arm over each other's shoulders and move on.

Pizza in Italy is THE BEST!! I took that whole thing down in one sitting and it was not even hard.

Matt and I made a trip over to the Rossignol Factory where all of my custom boots are designed and produced.  Here is the team of guys who makes it all possible for me.  They are the most helpful guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I totally scored when I decided to work with Rossignol 5 years ago.

Birthday ski! Two years in a row I have been in the Italian Alps on a super sunny day for my birthday. LUCKY ME!

A gift from my goddaughter, Charlie Moore! 

The birthday crew! Matt, me, Jessie and Noah. We had a week of chill training together in Predazzo, Italy after the Tour de Ski ended.  Just what was needed for some good recovery.

World Cup Weekend in La Clusaz, France

This is also good recovery:) Noah and Andy soaking in some Vitamin D.

Our dessert cheese plate in La Clusaz, France.  They don't joke around with their cheeses here in France.

Pre race day in La Clusaz, France

Welcome to Les Saisies, France!!
Training week before Pre-Olympic World Cups in Sochi, Russia!

Jessie surprise snow angeled herself this morning on our long ski together. 

The crew on our ski this morning! 100k of nordic trails, all freshly groomed each day and the views, oh the views....being a nordic skier on days like today....yeah...the best...ever.

Ida, Matt, Jessie and I

Andy, Ida and I soaking in some happy rays!

This place does not suck.  Views of Mont Blanc along with many other huge peaks add to the epic trails.


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