Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fast and Female October 5th!

It has once again been two months since my last update, and again I have no excuses other than I just have not done it.  So, here is a mini update to get me back in the swing of weekly updates.  I have been busy organizing our annual Fast and Female Champ Camp at the USST Center for Excellence.  Last year we had a record number of girls at 130 and this year we hope to have 150.

Here is our poster and the link to the sign up!  Pass the word on!

Lake Placid Camp Pictures, all courtesy of Patrick O'Brian and USST Coaching staff.

Jessie and I getting our sprint on.

The training crew

Just another day on the roads.

I'm back in Park City now for the rest of the training year, except for when our team will jet up to take advantage of Frozen Thunder in Canmore at the end of October for 9 days.

My strength coach and good friend, T and I went on a hike last weekend with her baby girl Hazel Luna.  It was a beautiful day and her husband Matt was out chopping trees down for our lumberjack party tomorrow where we will all split and stack the wood, fueled by chili and cornbread!

T and Hazel

Fall training.

Matt and I went on an adventure loop run in the Uintas 2 days ago that took us by a bunch of lakes and up a mountain at the end.  All of it was between 9500 feet and 11950!  Super fun!  This is me at the top of Bald Mountain.

Here is the GPS map of the run.

Fall riding.  Not many more of these left this season, so taking them where I can.

The team training camp starts in a week and will span the month of October.  It is so nice to be back in Park City, though my time in the East was awesome.  Lake Placid camp is always one of my favorite camps and then to spend 5 days at home with my family afterwards is always a major highlight.

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