Monday, December 28, 2015

When Christmas isn't white....

I know I am among others when I say that Christmas is not the white, fluffy, sledding/skiing frenzy it used to be.  Here in Davos the snow is a strip of manmade white drawn out like a chalk line through the fields, around a golf course and up a valley.  However, I can't complain as the skiing has been quite good considering, and the sun time has been epic.

Our Christmas star.

I never updated after our Lillehammer 4x5k relay podium, so I wanted to just chuck this one in. It was a pretty happy and amazing day.

The whole women's team, minus Caitlin and Kikkan, as Caitlin was way out on course cheering and Kikkan was not in Lillehammer as she is busy growing a child in her belly.

The Davos crew!

I don't know if this happens to any of you, but I tend to get excited and forget how to just enjoy the moment right here, right now.  So, I figure, these are wise words for me to live by.

Debby dropped off some Christmas cookies for us when we arrived in Toblach.  Cross Country skiers are just so dang nice all over the globe.

Toblach stadium

Simi on the podium in Toblach!!!!!

Jessie, an Italian skier, Debby Agreiter and me, WAY off the ground in Toblach the day before the Christmas break began.

Jessie, Debby and me.

Yeah, so like I said, not winter Christmas feeling here in Davos, but definitely not complaining about this Vitamin D time!

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