Monday, December 8, 2008


Day off after two days of racing.  Our first sprint of the season was on Saturday and a 10K skate followed on Sunday.  It was great to be racing on a loop again, as West's out and back classic race and point to point skate race made it difficult to have much terrain change.  Our coaches dialed the wax both days and worked their tail ends off helping us out.  Canada is into getting things done quickly, which is awesome, especially on sprint days.  Saturday's race was done in an equally efficient manner, sending all 100 dudes out, one every 15 seconds, and then immediately, with no break, all 50 girls out right behind the last boy starter.  If having a girl start 15 seconds behind you when you are a junior boy doesn't get you going, I don't know what else would.    As a coach trying to get splits for his athletes, it was a cluster, but as a skier it was pretty fun.  

Silver Star is beautiful and it is always fun to stay in one of the houses on the knoll whose color is one that your mom would never think to paint your own home.  Bright yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, you name it, and in many cases the trim is an equally exciting shade, making the house look all the more inviting.  After all, anyone who lives in a house whose shade is a bright pink, must be one of the more friendly people you will ever meet.

Taz Mannix starting off

Mo hammering

Noah hanging with Frederic Touchette
Coming through the stadium for Lap 2

Weirdo skiing with Kristina Strandberg

Kuzzy starting things off

Things are great here, but I have to say, our cheer squad from West was missing in a big way...

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Kate Whitcomb said...

How did it go today Liz? Well, I hope! I was cheering from across the border, did you hear me? Same time, same place tomorrow - Rip it up!