Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Drive....

Yesterday, our Continental Cup (CC) Team got in the car at 6 am and drove the 16 hours it takes to get to Silverstar, BC.  We are all a bit sore and stiff today, but very happy to be here.  Here are a few more pictures from West Yellowstone, as our internet connection is much better here.  

Leif Zimmermann after a great race on Saturday

Our strength coach, Alex Moore made the trip from Park City for the week.  
He is from Australia and is the guy in shorts running behind me... 
Alex having a little "squat picnic" with our PT Aaron Saari on the trails.  These guys were the best cheerers out there.  On Saturday they both showed up in shorts and T-shirts, clad with pots and pans (drums) and parked themselves 500 meters from the finish and at the bottom of the biggest hill on the course.  They banged the drums for every skier and had full on bruises on their legs from hitting these drums so hard all day long.  Best cheering squad I can remember.  Someday they need to go to the Vassaloppet just to cheer because they would be the life of the party, and that is saying something since all 70K of the course is a party.  Big thanks to these guys for making the trip, bringing their expertise, and cheering like hell.

Members of the CC Team doing a presentation in West last week
Left to Right: Lindsey Dehlin, Lin Willi, Noah Hoffman, 
Garrott Kuzzy, Morgan Arritola, Matt Gelso, me
Tax Mannix
Noah Hoffman on his way to a 4th

Rosie Brennen, Lindsay Williams and Lindsey Dehlin skiing hard in the classic race

Thanks to Dan Dehlin for the photos.

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