Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bend Camp

Girls team!!  We are working on our ups!

Bend, Oregon is a pretty neat town.  We have come here for the past 3 years for an on snow camp and this year, as with the other years, we have incredible snow and so far, the weather has been unbeatable.  It is the typical ski in the morning and drive down the hill to sunbathe in shorts in the afternoon.  We are getting in a pretty big training week, around 20 hours, which is my biggest of the training year so far, and what a great place to do it.  Great people to train with, both my teammates and XC Oregon, members of the CXC team, Sun Valley and others, so the living is really good.  Kikkan was here until this morning when she took off for Croatia.  She is one of two nordic athlete representatives for the coming year, a really important job, and so she will be in FIS meetings, giving input for our sport for the next 2 days.  Croatia shouldn't be a bad place to be!!  Taz is also here which is great, as we don't see our Alaskan teammates as much as we would all like to, so it is great to get a little training in with them before our Whistler camp in September.  I only have these two pictures, both taken by Pete Vordenberg, but there are a few more on if you want to check them out.  Carina Hamel, my idol and the person who I followed around for my entire first year on skis came by for a ski on our first morning here.  It was great to see her again and to click her heels a bit as well, just for old time sake!  Carina is now working in Portland, Oregon in production for Keen Shoes parent company!  In the next few years there may be a shoe line out called the "Carinas".  If you see them, she is the designer, and I promise you they will be amazing!
Carina Hamel and I skiing on our first day of snow in a month!

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Hi Liz-
My name is Trevor Kelson and I am the Physical Education teacher at Shrewbury Mountain School in Shrewsbury Vermont. I have just received an email from our principal saying informing me that you may have some interests in visiting schools to talk about winter sports and the upcoming winter olympics. I wasn't quite sure how else to get in contact with you so I figured I would just send you a comment on your blog. I am extremely interested in having you come in and talk to our students. If there is some other way of contacting you to discuss this further that would be great. You can email me at
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks very much,
Trevor Kelson