Monday, June 1, 2009

Bend Part 2...

So, let's see, doing a bit of catch up......we had an off day a week ago and went golfing at the premier golf course in Bend, courtesy of Jason Adams, a local skier in Bend.  I golf once a year, always here in Bend because we play best ball and without the wonderful rules of that game, I could easily still be out there!  A few days later we went on my favorite ski of the year, a crust cruise up to Brokentop Mountain.  It was a perfect day for it, bright and sunny and the snow was ideal for it.  We just finished up our camp with 2 days on the coast of Oregon, staying at Andy Fecteau's (another Bend local who helps us out a ton) house in Pacific City.  We surfed, trained and spent some quality time together as a team.  It's a great way to end a camp.  I will update more with pictures if I get any from my teammates.  I am not hanging out in Bend with Morgan Arritola for another 4 days before heading back to Park City to start school (one class at Westminster College in SLC) and work again.  

The smile after Morgan Smyth's first time golfing.

Mo getting her golf on.  As you can see, we have some real talent!
The group heading out over the lake on our crust ski to Brokentop.
Quite the view....
Newell showing off his moves
Kuzzy and me

Photo's are courtesy of  Torin Koos, Noah Hoffman, and Pete Vordenberg.

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