Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last 4 days in Never Never Land

I am into my last 4 days at the Snowfarm, and it has gone by way too fast.  We had some storms last week and are expecting more tonight through Thursday, but the snow has been amazing.  The team arrived a week ago and so training has taken a step up, not to mention the social aspect they bring.  We went down to the Cardrona Hotel on Saturday night and had a dinner off the rock and spent our off day on Sunday in Queenstown.  We geared up for a time trial today, a classic sprint for most of the team, but Morgan Arritola and I did a 10K classic.  Overall I think it went very well for everyone, as it is July and most of us have not done too much really hard workouts yet.  

Intervals with Bird and Kristina Stranberg.  Just in case you are worried about how Bird's training is going, he is just chilling in Level 1.
View of the ski trails from the lodge.
Whitcomb doing some video.
Sunset off of Mary's Trail!
Not sure if you can pick out the skiers in the distance, but they are skiing in perfect tracks.

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