Thursday, August 6, 2009


Rule 1: You must smile and you must love the boards.
Step 1: Uncover the pile
Step 2: Carry the boards
Step 3: Brush the sawdust off the boards
Step 4: Paint the edges of the boards
Step 5: Stack the boards in a new place
Step 6: Keep picturing how cool the barn will look
Step 7: Watch all sunsets from the cupola
Step 8: Paint all sides of all be continued Saturday
Step 9: Repeat

1 comment:

Emily Qi Wheeler said...

HEY, SWEET SHIRT LIZ!!! I am trying to remember where the hell I got that shirt, or could it be, is it possible that you also randomly acquired one? No, I must have given that to you!!!

Will our paths cross in Vermont this year? I think I will have to go searching! I have a feeling you are in Burke!!!