Wednesday, September 2, 2009


No pictures, as the internet here is not good enough to upload any.  The camp here is going very well and is our first intensity camp of the year.  So far we have done L3 classic intervals around the sprint course with a max double pole effort coming through the stadium.  Two days ago we did a time trial, some of us did a classic sprint and others did an 8k classic TT.  Tomorrow we have L3 skate  intervals scheduled and we will have another TT, skate style, on Sunday.  Some speeds are thrown in there as well and all sessions we have a great group to ski with and learn from each other.  There is a crew of 10 juniors and the Sun Valley ODT are here as well.  The team bonding is great and we are all fired up to be with each other again.  Train hard, pictures as soon as I can....


Bill Holland said...

Hey, Liz--

Haven't check your blog for many a month, so it's good to see that you're writing once again and giving us a taste of your ongoing excellent adventure.

Haven't done much ski-specific training this summer as I pretty much focused all my energies on getting ready for the Josh Billings Runaground Triathlon. It went really well! It's quite a thrill--and just a wee bit scary-- taking off at the gun with 450 other cyclists. The canoe-kayak leg was fun for the same reason. Never seen so many muscle-powered boats out on the water at once.

Look forward to further updates! I know you'll find some way to keep it fun.



Not_your_average_bear said...

Liz this is awesome,what great stories! Keep it up.