Friday, August 14, 2009


I am going back in time a bit with this post, but certain experiences need to be shared sometimes.  On my way to Vermont from New Zealand a group of very close friends picked me up at the SLC airport and we began to drive.  We all knew where we were headed and we were giddy excitement, and mixed in for me, the sheer joy of leaving airports for a couple of hours.  These 3 very good friends and I are members of the GSL Floaters Club.  I am not exactly sure how we started this club, but I know the one thing that drew us all into the lake for the first time.   Floating.  The feeling of being able to enjoy water without inhaling large gulps while trying to stay afloat.  The ability to float effortlessly in a large body of liquid, in fact to be able to relax in water!  It was a concept none of us had ever even dreamed of, but yet, here we were doing just that.  So we left the airport and drove to the spot where it all started.  We pulled on our bathing suits, and walked towards the water.  Again, that need to relax in water pulled us towards the shore, through the sand fleas, towards the smell of pollution and chemicals.  And....
...we all jumped in.

Pollution always enhances the sunsets...
And then, we relaxed some more.

Because we knew that tomorrow we would be back in the Saddle. (Sarah MacCarthy, "Smac")
Photos Courtesy of: Pete Vordenberg and Barb Jones

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