Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Time in Vermont

I have been at my parent's home in East Montpelier since I traveled back from Davos, Switzerland two weeks ago. I have yet to miss a Christmas here with my family, and this year my brother, Andy, who lives in Seattle, was able to come home for a few days as well. I am enjoying my last day at home tomorrow before heading out to Alaska for Nationals. Coming home is always awesome, time with my parents, time with my dog and just plain, time. It is great.

My parent's home with the newly erected barn!
Family snowshoe
My brother, me and my cousin Josh and his wife Kate!
Christmas doll from Norway whom my Mom named Sigrid
Took Charley for her first ski on the snowmobile trails with me. It was incredibly fun. We both had headlamps, as it got dark while we were out there, and it was an experience I will never forget, and will repeat tomorrow!

Andy sporting his new glasses
Dad doing a dance!
Andy and the dreaded gift of "the puzzle"
Next year's Christmas card, or it would be if we sent Christmas cards
Burke Mountain from the Sutton Ridge
Morning light
Mom performing carols
Christmas pudding burning the traditional flame

Charley in action!

Rough life, eh?

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Claude said...

Liz thanks for the great pictures. It always good to see you when you come home.
Show Alaska what a great Vermonter can do.