Friday, December 4, 2009

Kuusamo Report

Canadian bowling team.

Team USA Bowling

Mo i.e: "The Ocho"
Newell turning 26!

Davos, Switzerland now, where there is not only plenty of snow and good coffee but something called "sun".  Crazy, but that thing shines bright and lights up your life.  Pretty awesome feeling the Vitamin D kick in again.  Pictures to come.  Sprinters are in Dusseldorf this weekend, then we will all meet up here in Davos for next weekend's WC.  Results for this weekend will be at:  Tim Burke 2nd in a 20K individual start biathlon race today!!  Stoke is high here!  Alpiners in Aspen this weekend, ski jumpers and combiners in Lillehammer, nordic supertour in Bozeman (results at:  The results for all this will be at:  The winter is here, races are happening, it's time to get stoked and start cheering from your seats at home or from the sidelines of a race course.  Let's get fired up.

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Bill Holland said...

During this snowless stick season we back home are learning to count our blessings--like for the big rain that came along and washed all the sand and gravel from Shady Rill Rd. so that I could enjoy an awesome two hours double-poling up and down a 1.6-mile stretch of "black powder." You have a terrific attitude regarding sub-par races! Keep it up, and when your break comes--and, as you know, they invariably do--you'll be poised to make the most of it.


Bill H.