Monday, May 27, 2013

Bend Camp Continues!

Another Monday is here and so is my third blog in a row!  We just finished our first week of Bend Camp and it's been busy, but also fun packed.  We have been skiing lots, running and mountain biking on many of the great trails Bend has to offer, lifted some weights, put on a Fast and Female, went to a movie, did two yoga classes, had some team meetings and some media training, along with hanging out  together and sharing spring tales together.  We only have a week left and it is flying by, but I wanted to update you on some of what we have been up to.
Holly, me, Jessie and Sadie in our USA colored Onsies! Some good Memorial Day colors.

We had the opportunity to meet some para-nordic athletes and have some lunch with them, sharing stories and making new friends. Keep you eyes out for these women because you will be seeing them more and more in the future.

Shawn Cheshire (blind para nordic athlete), Beth-Ann Chamberlain (Para Nordic Coach and former USA Biathlete), Annelies Cook (USA Biathlete)

The Para Nordic gang and us.

A good friend and former US Ski Team coach and athlete Pete Vordenberg and his daughter Josie came by for a visit one evening! 

One of the more beautiful skis we have had here in Bend so far.

Jessie Diggins enjoying the sun!

Ida Sargent, Heidi Halverson, and Jessie Diggins

Ok, I guess I was a little pumped.

My parents have been looking for a new puppy and got to visit a few the other day.  This one looks like a keeper to me!

We did a classic team sprint time trial today in some pretty wet and rainy weather, but it was a really good effort from all and a fun way to make the rain less noticeable actually!

Jessie and me with some MBSEF junior skiers jumping on.  There are some seriously motivated athletes training at Mount Bachelor, so all you juniors out there better be on your game as well.  These girls and guys are no joke.  Train hard, have fun, and get a training group.  Believe, Dream, Set Goals.  It's worth it.

Jessie leading the infamous "Dancing with Diggins" station at Fast and Female here in Bend yesterday afternoon.  Big thanks to the Bend Athletic Club for hosting the event.

Also a huge thanks to our teachers at Namaspa here in Bend for hooking us up with some great yoga classes while we have been here.

Team Mountain Bike Ride

See you next Monday!

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