Monday, May 20, 2013

Camp Season Begins

Week 2!  Whew, on a roll!  

Last Monday I moved back to Park City, Utah where I spend my summer's and fall's training for the upcoming season.  I have been living there in the summers since I made the Ski Team in 2006 and I have made a lot of awesome friends and met a few incredibly generous families who I have come to call my "Utah Families".  Here is one of them, the Adam's family, who has taken in my teammate Noah Hoffman for the last 3 years and he has basically become their second son and third child.  Their two biological children are Luke and Lindsey, shown in the picture below.

Lindsey Adams, Luke Adams, Noah Hoffman out for dinner to celebrate AP exams being finished!

Pizza Party at the Adam's house.  Such a fun time when you have a pizza oven in your house!!

Oh, just my buddy Noah, smiling big.  He keeps up an awesome daily blog which you can check out at

The crew at the pizza party. Cory Wubbles (my good friend as well as one of the Team's wax techs), Bryan Fish (USST Development Coach), Luke Adams, Toni Adams and Greg Adams (our "parents"), Matt Whitcomb (USST Head Women's Coach), Noah Hoffman

Noah baked his first ever carrot cake and it was mighty tasty!

Yesterday we traveled to Bend, Oregon for our first training camp of the year.  It is one of my favorite camps as it combines skiing in the morning and dryland training in the afternoon.  Today is an ultimate Bend day, as it was about 50 degrees and sunny up at the snow this morning and down in the town of Bend this afternoon (about 1000 feet lower) it is about 70 and full sun.  We are about to head out for our afternoon workout, which is a run today, planned around ending with a dip in the river! YES!  More to come soon!

Some of the crew

All the girls heading out for a ski together.  Big group here this year!  Oh, and Matt Whitcomb and Erik Flora (Head Coach of APU) are in there too!

Putting in some good deck time in the sun during lunch.

My good friend Morgan Arritola sent me some earrings today and I am SO pumped!  I only ever wear two pairs so these will be my dressy ones!

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