Sunday, July 21, 2013

AK Dryland Week

This morning we will get the call as to when the helicopter will get a weather window that will allow us to fly up to Eagle Glacier where we will spend the next week.  As a nordic skier, Eagle can be a little slice of heaven, with not much else to do but ski, sleep, eat, repeat.  There is no internet, just a bit of cell service,  an old TV with a VCR and DVD set up, and lots of Cosmo magazines that date back quite a few years.  However, for me, I really love being up there for 1 week a year.  It makes me rest between my training sessions, and although at times it can be boring, it is really important as a skier to learn how to rest.  I also love the fact that it is back to interacting completely with people for forms of entertainment.  We cook together, clean together, do puzzles together, talk together, and there are no distractions from one another.  No one is multitasking by texting and trying to have a conversation in the here and now, and no one is watching a movie by themselves in their room on their computer.  There are no computers, for the most part.  We have each other.  I am pumped for my one week a year up there, just skiing and living and it starts today.  As posting up there would be a major challenge with no internet, I am going to recap the week today, Sunday, and have another one ready when we come down from the glacier next Monday.  Cheers!

We spent this week doing dryland in town in Anchorage.  Here are a few images from the week's sessions.  Photo credits go to our volunteer PT Zuzana Rogers, Matt Whitcomb, Holly Brooks, and Paul Clark.

Bomber Glacier Run: Yesterday we went on a long OD run with a goal of getting up to Bomber Glacier where a bomber jet crashed in the 1950's.  6 people died, 4 survived and the remnants of the plane are still there.  I didn't make it, as I really struggle when having to work my way over big boulders, but here are a few pictures of the plane from those who made it the whole way.  Afterwards we talked and had lunch with the REG athletes, who also joined us on the run.

Astrid, Holly and Erik on the jet's wing

USST Members and Astrid Jacobsen (Norwegian National Team) and Bettina Gruber (Swiss National Team) talking with the REG athletes.

We have had some really awesome workouts together, learning from one another and pushing each other to become better.  Here are a few group shots.

Bluff Trail Run: Holly and her husband Rob led us on an awesome run on the Bluff Trail by Kincaid earlier this week.  It was beautiful.  Huge props go out to Alex Moore, our strength and conditioning coach, who came to this endurance camp and did all of our running workouts with us.  In fact, I hate to admit it, but he actually won this 1.25 hour run!  Norma, our volunteer massage therapist for this past week also joined us on the runs and is a major badass woman.  How do we find such awesome people?!  Thanks Norma, Zuzana, and Alex for being so generous and great this week.  Gold stars for you all!

Kikkan giving me some advice during a speed session earlier this week.

International Women's Training Alliance crew this year!  Thanks to SKIDA for the awesome headbands!!!

Alex Moore, endurance fanatic and mountain man! ;)

Thanks to the Alaska Club for hooking us up with a sweet place to lift!

Moose count is high on this trip.  These guys are everywhere.

I did a skate rollerski clinic for the Park City Nordic Team before I left.  Rossignol gave all of the kids cool sweatshirts, too!  Thanks Paul and Ryan!

Here I am with all the PC Skiers!

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