Monday, July 8, 2013

My Mom Came to Town!!!

My Mom is in town!!  She arrived on the 5th and is here for another day before heading back to our new puppy and my Dad who are anxiously awaiting her return to Vermont.  It has been so nice having her out here.  Today she tried out the Alter-G at the COE and ran intervals on it at a 7 minute mile pace!  I was so impressed, and I think she may have some sore muscles tomorrow!  We have had some really good dinners together, gotten to hang out with some of the people in my life out here in Utah who mean the world to me, and it has been really amazing to have her out here.
My Mom having fun on the Alter-G this morning!

Dinner night 1: Homemade Sushi at the Adam's house with Chef Noah.

We baked a chicken for lunches!  Oh man, I am living large with Mom in town!

Dinner night 2: Grass fed beef with radishes in our salad from my parent's garden in Vermont!

Some of last night's dinner crew, Alex Shaffer, me, and Carly.  Thai Curry!!

Tonight's dinner: Spagetti with homemade tomato sauce and heirloom caprese salad! YUM!

Happy 4th of July earlier this week too!  I ran a 5k with Noah, Matt and our strength coach Alex Moore.  We had bets on how far each of us would be ahead or behind the others and Matt won the competition, as he is in super secret really good coach shape.  Then we all headed to watch the parade with Alex's family.

I also played my first game of disc golf with Noah, Graham Watanabe (Star of the newest Ninja Warrior and Olympic gold medalist Snowboard Cross Athlete) , Heather McPhie (Mogul Skier), and Emily Cook (Arial Skier).  It was pretty fun and we only lost 2 discs!

Me on my mountain bike ride on the crest trail this afternoon.  I have gotten two rides in on the crest this week and the trails are in perfect condition with the recent thunderstorms in the afternoons.  The rain feels so good!!

Also got a haircut this week.  Feels so good to have short hair in the summer!

Oh, and we have been doing a bit of training too:)  Matt joined Noah and I on a recent rollerski around the roads and bike paths of Park City.

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