Monday, November 18, 2013


We have arrived in Beitostollen, Norway at the start of our 4 month European tour on Saturday afternoon!!  It's great to be back in Norway and back on snow and seeing some familiar and friendly faces from the World Cup Tour last year, not to mention my summer trip with the Norwegian Team!  It's so nice to be back with the team again as well, as being together on the road is really when the bonding takes place.  Everyone's "other" lives are put on hold and we become really invested and in tune with each other, and it feels like someone took all the distractions and threw them in the ocean on our way over. 

We are staying in really nice apartments here and cooking all our meals, so it's been a really easy transition to life on the road for this first 10 days.  It is not as dark as it will be in Kuusamo, Finland next week, so that little bit of extra light has helped with the time adjustment I'd say too.  Third night can be tough though, so fingers crossed!  I haven't taken too many pictures yet, but here are a few to give you a bit of an idea.

The track here in Beito. It was really busy this weekend and with only a 5k loop of manmade snow it gets really crowded quickly, but it cleared out a lot today and I think it will remain calm until this next weekend when the races start.

Our wax room....I guess we all travel with some skis....

Our cargo van getting build out for skis.  It's quite a puzzle trying to fit everything we have into this space, but we make it work.

My awesome Estonian wax tech, Oleg.  Best smile on the team hands down.  He lightens a whole room with it.

Our wax tech's Randy and Oleg and Holly out on the snow.

And one of our team photos for the year!!  Get your jump on!  Oh, and that reminds me.  If you are a member of a ski team, take a team photo, be creative, inspiring, funny, and/or awesome in some way and come up with a slogan for your team and send it our way!  If you need my email, post a comment and I will get it to you.  This is our team challenge this year, and the winning team will get something cool, so you will for sure want to try and win.  Ready, set, jump!

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