Monday, November 4, 2013


Jessie after some VO2 Max Testing earlier this week.  Giving it her all.  Awesome.

Early Thanksgiving dinner with good friends.  YUM!  Wont taste like this in Finland...

And then I flew to Cleveland to see my extended family.  Here is Gemma Moore, still pumped up in her new house in Cleveland.

And Charlie at school today.

And Hannah kick boxing at Karate Class
Cutest thing you have ever seen are "Tiger Tots" doing karate class.  Oh. My. God. CUTE!

Cleveland Caveliers game!  Alex now is the High Performance Director for the Cavs, so he hooked us up with tickets for my first NBA game!  It was awesome and they won as well, though it was a close game by the end.

Alex kicking ass at his new job.  

Carly and I enjoying the game.

Seeing these guys has made my whole fall.  Going from seeing these guys almost every day all off-season to not seeing them for the last 2 months, has been a tough transition.  So snagging some hugs, love and fun times before taking off for 5 months of racing was so needed.

Heading to Vermont tomorrow for some home time with my family before heading across the pond until April on the 15th.

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