Monday, November 24, 2014

Hazel Says...

This is my strength coach's baby named Hazel Luna.  I never posted this picture, and it has been recently switched to be my desktop pic for the month, so I wanted to share it with you all.   It has reminded me the importance of smiling.  Whenever I open my computer now, I smile, because, who sees this adorable little girl sitting in a pumpkin with her chubby arms and cute outfit and doesn't, without even noticing or trying, smile?  

I read this interesting article the other morning and was reminded of the benefits a simple smile can have on your mood, but also the effect it can have on others as well.  While spending these last 10 days at home before I head to Europe for the season on Wednesday, I have noticed what a difference making myself smile in the morning before I get out of bed makes on the way I go about my day.  So, its become something I do. Try it tomorrow.  Wake up, take a breath and smile for no reason at all, just smile, whether you want to or not.  Feel that instant change in your attitude, demeanor?  I do.  So, I think it's the ticket, and Hazel Luna here, is helping me do it.

So, as I soak up my last day in Vermont tomorrow for 4 months, I feel ready to hit the road and join my teammates.  I have had a chance to recover, get my feet back under me and my injury has had time to heal so I am feeling almost 100% again!  It's exciting stuff!  So, I'm smiling, but I am sure had I frowned more last week, I would not have healed up as quickly:)

If you feel like reading more, here is the article I found the other day:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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