Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Long and Short of my Stick Season

Well, I finally go what I wished for and get to spend some extra time in Vermont!!  Unfortunately, it is not because the World Cup is coming to East Montpelier, but because of an injury I that needs some extra nursing before making the trip across the pond.  I got home with some tricep and peck tightness and was doing some stretching to try and relieve it, but continued to train through it, which may or may not have caused my first and second ribs to find their way out of place and create a fair amount of pain.  I have luckily had some amazing help here in Vermont from my PT Mom, my favorite massage therapist, Emily Gatewood, and an incredible Osteopath, John Peterson.  I have made massive recovery over the past week and skied for the first time yesterday, which went well, though today's first classic attempt did not provide the same result.  Baby steps.  

This has been an very educational opportunity for me, learning how to be smart, train creatively, and be tough through some times that are not as fun as the rest of my training year has been.  I have been very lucky in my career to not be put on the sidelines for injury or sickness too often.  I have watched some of my teammates and friends on other teams suffer with injury after injury and illness after illness and I have not had too many setbacks of those kind in my career.  So, it is good to be reminded, though I don't often find myself forgetting, how incredible it is to be healthy.  It is life's biggest happiness factor, I believe.  

I will head to Kuusamo, Finland on Wednesday and hope to race on Sunday, but we will see.  Patience, I hear, is a virtue:)

My Mom had a birthday on the 10th and she and Maisie blew out the candles together!

And Matt came over to make it a bit more of a party!  And, yes folks, those are overalls and they will be coming with me to Europe this winter!

Corinne Prevot, Skida Founder and Owner and the one who gets the props on this year's Friends Of Liz design! Super psyched on these! Get yours today on her website (along with her new cashmere line!!) at:

When I first got home it looked like this.

Then yesterday, I did some of this! Craftsbury is in amazing shape right now and it is only going to get better as they continue to blow snow and spread more of it out.  So if you are getting the itch, that' the place to scratch it.  Or the Notch road in Stowe is in great shape too!

First tracks on the 5k at Craftsbury yesterday.

HUGE thank you to ProBar, who sent me a box of their finest products the other day to get me to Europe and keep me fueled during the dark, cold winter months!


Lolly Cochran said...

Hi Liz, You did it! Post # 1 on time (I am paying attention!). hope you are feeling better and do get to race this weekend. Patience IS a virtue, but not for the likes of you and me... It was SO MUCH FUN to see you when you were home... Best of luck and keep the bog entries coming! xox Lolly and Tots

John Peterson said...

Hi Liz...I'm glad that you're recovering from your injury. It was my pleasure to treat you! Hope you have a safe journey over the pond and a great season! Still wish that I could run away and be a treating physician for the team...Dr. John

Charlie Bader said...

Totally missed seeing your name in the Ruka results. Checked your blog and that explains it! Sounds like you are in good hands, though. Heal up and we look forward to seeing you back on top.