Monday, November 16, 2015

Gallivare, Sweden!

We made it, after a LONG but easy travel day to Gallivare, Sweden, which is located about 100 kilometers north of the arctic circle.  Though it takes a while to get all the way up here, it is worth it, as the skiing has been great, with 5k of skiing on real snow (like the kind that fell from the sky!) I am hoping that we get some more to make the tracks even more white, but I cannot complain, as not only is this more winter than I have seen in close to two years, but the volunteers are also shoveling and making already good tracks, great.  Plus, it is snowing now, and I have heard rumors of 6 inches over the next couple of days which would be incredible.  Regardless, it is wonderful to be on real snow, not just a manmade strip, and with it hanging from the trees it is really beautiful here.

I have not taken any pictures, as my phone does not take great ones anymore, and the battery tends to die right after I take one, or if I let the cold air grace its presence, so I have stolen a few from Ida and Sophie, but would recommend checking out Noah's blog here: for some really good shots.  Happy Monday, as always, and next Monday's blog will be come after our first races of the season!  They are not World Cups, but good FIS races which will help us get in the groove again before jumping right into the Kuusamo, Finland mini tour the following weekend.

I hope wherever you are, you are happy and healthy.

Sophie, Sadie and me after our first ski in Gallivare yesterday.

Our snowy situation!

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