Monday, November 9, 2015

Preseason Home Time!

Well, HAPPIEST OF MONDAYS to you all.  Welcome to my newly enacted Monday blog!  I have bet myself that I can't do it again, so, here's to proving me and all of you doubters out there wrong!  I am home in Vermont for another 4 days before I take off for Gallivare, Sweden and the season beyond.  Here are a few photos from my time in Vermont!

One of the last skis in Utah at our team training camp last month.

Skida's new shop!

Check it out if you haven't yet! Located at: 16 Kilburn St in Burlington.

Some of their collection.

Some of their cashmere collection! SO SOFT!

Big thanks to Fresh Tracks Farm for hosting such a fun send off event for me and for all in the community who came out to join.

My good friend and supporter Pheobe Stone who is currently in fashion design school in Boston.  Pheobe owns a company that makes custom clothing, though for now she is a bit too busy to be cranking much out at this point.  So look her up in a few years when she is a full time designer. GO PHEOBE!

Corinne and me sporting this year's Friends of Liz print, which has been a huge hit already. Get one of your own on their website: or visit them in their shop in Burlington. 

My whole family came over for dinner last night to hang with me before I take off on Friday. It is incredible how many people I have in my life and all the support and love they give me.

I was able to fit in a visit to my old Elementary School here in East Montpelier today.

Me giving a few words of "wisdom" to the youth of our generation!

Lunch room chats are the best.

Yeah, the weather has been pretty ideal while I have been here.

My nephew, Pete getting a lick of frosting from my Mom who's birthday we celebrated last night.

And my niece, Liza getting her turn!

It has been great to be home and take some much needed rest with some much needed family time.  I take off on Friday for Gallivare, Sweden to get on snow!  T minus 2.5 weeks until the season starts!

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