Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Post

This is my first post, so for all who do not know me, I will fill you in a bit on who I am.  I am a nordic ski racer who grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont, went to school at a ski academy called Burke Mountain Academy, and now live part time in Park City, Utah to train.  

I just returned to Park City, Utah, from 5 weeks in the east.  Two of those weeks I spent in Lake Placid, NY at a training camp with my team, as well as Central Cross Country (CXC) and Sun Valley.  It was a great camp, spending some quality time at the Olympic Training Center (OTC), where despite the dorm room style of living, there are wonderful facilities.  There is a weight room, an enormous gym, and a recovery/PT room where they have wonderful things like hot and cold tubs, spin bikes, athletic trainers, and foam rollers.  It is in this room where we get rid of our kinks, injuries, tired legs and soreness, so as to train well again in the next workout.  There is also a cafeteria that always has hot, ready food for the taking any time of the day.  The choices may get old after a while, but having someone else cooking for me never will.  

I then went back home to Vermont for a three week block of family time and continued low altitude training.  During that time, with Onion River Sports sponsoring the event, I put on a clinic at Morse Farm Touring Center, at which 25 people showed up.  As usual, I was impressed with the turnout of avid cross country skiers, all itching for the first snowfall of the year.  Thanks for all the enthusiasm of all who came, and especially to the high school skiers who gave up half their Saturday to come to a clinic.  It's really awesome to see howAdd Image much fun everyone is having with the sport.  Ben and Jerry were right, "If it's not fun, why do it?"  You all brought such a great spirit to the day, and it made for a really fun day for me.  So thanks to all, and especially to Onion River Sports and Morse Farm for making it happen.    Add Image


Lonely Anthony said...


Crew said...

Nice! You'll have fun with this.

skeecher said...

Thanks for using all those photos - now I'll have to find different ones for the Morse Farm blog - a good problem to have. All the feedback from your clinic was better than positive and we can't wait to have you back for another in December. I'm taking the bold step of calling Morse Farm Touring Center your "home field" (talk about instant street cred).

Thanks again and good luck!


Kate Whitcomb said...

Welcome to the world of logging on the web Liz. My word verification is grackin, which I am pretty sure is NOT a word but sounds like a cross between a pumpkin and some sort of scary halloween creature.

See you in West soon (I hope)!
xo, Kate