Sunday, November 30, 2008

West Yellowstone

Well, West Yellowstone pulled it off again.  This is the third year where the snow has been very slim leading up to the Yellowstone Ski Festival and the first Supertour races of the year.  Last year, the girls from the local coffee shop, rode their bikes in bikinis around town the day before the festival was planned to start.  They woke up the next morningto 6 inches of fresh snow, just enough to get the races off.  This year the snow never came, and neither did the bikini bike ride, but the event organizers plowed the road up to the "plateau" (a network of trails about 1200 feet above town), groomed some 30 kilometers of trails, and held the races there.  Our team put up some good results with Morgan Arritola leading our girls squad both days and Noah Hoffman and Leif Zimmermann leading it for the boys on Friday and Saturday respectively.  We are now headed to Silverstar, BC, as West Yellowstone is not the only place in the country lacking snow right now and both Bozeman, MT and Soldier Hollow, UT races were cancelled.  We are driving tomorrow and hoping to make it there in about 15 hours.  I will keep you posted on what we find in Canada.  

Morgan Arritola heading for the win on Saturday

More pictures to come.....

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lovin' the blog. keep it up. talk soon? yeah, i think so.