Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Davos again!!

So we are back in Davos for our last rest and relaxation week before the final push of the World Cup season. We have 2 races in Lahti, Finland next weekend, 2 races in Oslo, Norway the following weekend, and then hopefully 4 races in Falun, Sweden for World Cup Finals if I can stay in the top 50 on the overall list. This time of year my focus can easily slip away if I let it, especially this year being on the road since November and the end of the season in sight, but keeping the focus and drive high right now is a mind game and I really like mind games, so I am playing to win. It's been a great season so far, so many improvements over last year, but I still have some unmet goals for the season and I am running out of opportunities to accomplish them. So, I have turned my brain back on, am living in the moment (and these days in Davos are super sunny beautiful days) and am training and focusing to give myself the best opportunity to have great performances in the last few World Cups of the season.

Chandra and I on a ski the other day. We kidnapped one of my best friends who is on the Canadian National Team and took her to Davos with us, which is SO fun!!

Newell getting his sun-bathing on. He's pretty much a professional at this task.

Matt and Chandra's post ski high-five.

Chandra and Matt smiling away. Hard not to with these trails and this sun. It's the life here, especially when a week of resting, recovery and training is just what the doctor ordered.

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