Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nove Mesto Relay Recap

Kikkan, Jessie, me, Ida and Holly after the relay on Sunday. My face hurt from smiling so much. What fun to be on such an inspiring team.

Me, Holly and Ida after my leg. It's one of the best parts about a relay, having your team there when you finish with hugs ready. Relay day teams become real teams, gunning for the exact same thing, trying to get there together. Our team has that team aspect of the sport down even on individual days, however, relay day brings every team together and ours closer.

Holly after her leg rocking our red/white and blue/white socks.

Face paint and glitter happens every relay day!

The crew that makes it happen every day (minus a bunch). From left to right: Matt, Ida, Andy, Jessie, Kikkan, me, Holly, Grover, Gibbsy. Thanks one and all for another awesome weekend.

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