Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoo and NNF

This week I have to say that I did a very poor job of taking pictures.  Here are a few.  Also, NNF is trying to get more "Likes" on their facebook page.  It would be great if you have a FB account to check out their page and click the "like" button if you like it.  We are shooting for 3000 Likes by Friday.  Help us get there! 

Tour of Utah Pro Race came through town yesterday and I watched a few seconds of it as they whooshed by!

I went to the Zoo yesterday with my strength coach, Alex and his girls.  Hannah, Charlie and Gemma enjoying the fan that was blowing cool mist.  It felt really good on a hot day in Salt Lake.

The Zoo has some cool animals to see, one of which is a female Polar Bear.  Zoo's have good parts about them and bad parts, but focusing on the good, it was certainly cool to see such incredible creatures so close.  The girls really love seeing the animals, for sure.  The tigers, elephants, giraffes, polar bear, and snakes were the big hits.

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