Monday, August 26, 2013

Race to the Top of VT and Maisie in Maine

My new sister Maisie greeting me from the doorway when I got home last week!

It's been another good week.  I traveled from Utah to Vermont on Friday, after a solid week of training in Utah.  I did some great sessions with the APU team who was training there as well and it was nice to have a few housemates as well!  Though it has been tough to say goodbye to the Moore family, at least it is just a few hour plane ride away to Cleveland, so I will be heading there for a visit soon I am sure.  I arrived home to Vermont to my parent's new puppy, Maisie, and have had a blast getting to know her.  Yesterday, Ida and I met to do the Race to the top of Vermont, a run up Vermont's tallest peak, Mt. Mansfield.  It was a really tough run, 4.3 miles on an average of 11% grade dirt road, but it was a great test of fitness and I was feeling good, especially with all of this extra air!  It was a really fun day, and we were able to raise some money for our Vermont Olympic Hopefuls Fund which was really cool.

My family and I are now taking a little vacation together on the coast of Maine where my Uncle has a house.  I haven't been here in 10 or more years, so it is really fun to be back where so many childhood memories were formed.  So excited to swim in the ocean and hear the waves crashing on the beach below tonight as I sleep!

My Mom and I at the top of Mt. Mansfield yesterday

My really good friends and avid supporters of Cross Country Skiing, Andrea Ambros and her son Marshall.  Marshall went to school with me at Burke, as did his sister Alex.  It's so fun to see good friends, and the Ambros Family is a special treat.

Vermont media was there, with NBC, Channel 5, and FOX to do a story on the event!

Pat O'Brian (a skier for the Craftsbury Green Team and a graduate of Dartmouth) and I ran the whole race together, side by side, both at our limit the whole way up.  But somehow Pat managed to eek out a few cheers for me in the final stretches where I was struggling.  To me, that shows the type of people I have met in Nordic Skiing.  Teammates, no matter what team you are on.  People who are always willing to help each other out, share ideas that might benefit another, and otherwise encourage each other to be the best athletes we can all be.  Pat, I definitely owe you lunch in Placid, as well as one more huge THANKS here on my super popular blog site;)  You rock.

Maisie just being real cute.

Sleeping puppy on our long drive to Maine.


Unknown said...

Dear Liz - I think it's OK to say you won the race on the women's side and were 15th overall. You go girl!!

Unknown said...

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