Monday, October 14, 2013

Pics from the week

Just a few pics from the week.  I have a lot of words, things to say, but time has not been something that I have had enough of to write the right words down on paper to share, and I want to get these words just right.

The third annual Fast and Female Park City Champ Camp was a real success, with our biggest showing ever of 135 girls!  So amazing.  A big shoutout to my Mom who made 114 tutus for the girls!  Thanks Mom.  Link to pictures is here, there were too many good ones to choose from! 

Our last camp of the training season is in full swing here in Park City.  We have had great workouts together, pushing one another, enjoying each other's company and working on our agility skills when we can.

Intervals on a particularly challenging day for me, but the colors are really beautiful here this time of year and it made it easier to focus on them rather than all of the other things that seemed to be taking up all of the space in my mind, body and heart. 

Charge on, even when you think you can't.  Find it in yourself to keep moving.  Keep pushing.  Keep taking one step in front of the other.  Periods of time will not easy, they aren't all supposed to be, but sometimes they feel impossibly hard.  It is at these times, when pushing on is at it's most challenging, that you must keep going.

Views from the tops of the mountains around.

Girls team sushi night!

Yesterday I worked on a project with my good friend Sarah and our friend Peggy.  They have been retiling this table and it was so fun to work on a creative project with people who had a vision. I wish I had an eye for this type of art.



The first snow angel of the year!

Cory and his homemade guitar.  Sounds insane.

Wubbs, Shaf and my brother, Andy who came for a 3 day visit!  So awesome to get to see him again before the long winter!

My sweet new Rossi backpack! Super rad design!  So many pockets and so much space, but also fits on my back!

Aspens are popping with bright yellows right now.

Fall colors.  Ahh....

Taking the bull by the horns.  Also, it's great wine.

Sadie and I rocking some speeds the other day at SoHo!

Jessie, Cork, Me and Shaf eating lunch in Shaf and Wubb's new home!!!

We had a team fundraiser at Mike Engel's home Saturday night.  Mike put me up in his home for 3 years and has since housed almost every member of the team, including staff, at one point or another.  He is into it and is an extremely generous and caring guy who donated his home, time, money and self into trying to raise money for our team as well as raise the awareness of our sport in the community.  Thanks Mike!

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