Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well, at least it's organic....?

Who knew, smoking actually can be good for you. (Pause) Not.

My good friend Cheryl on her Birthday dinner!

Party favors come in the form of colorful facial hair!

Our last day in Park City a few of us went on a long run on the trails around town.  It was a gorgeous day and a great group of people made trails that are usually a bit mundane really fun.

Pete Vordenberg and his daughter Josie.  It is rare when Josie does not have this smile on her face.

See what I mean?

Josie is actually our newest member of the team, as you may be able to tell by her coat.  Perhaps a smaller size is needed, but works very nicely as a dress.

Jessie, Sadie and Sophie hanging in the van after a ski.

Dan Campbell, a photographer with Rossignol, stopped by and took a few shots at our team sprint workout last week.

Tired eyes! haha.  Thanks for the shots, Dan!  Check him out at:

We are now in Canmore, Alberta skiing on 3K of saved snow from last year.  It is pretty awesome, great loop and so far I have not gotten sick of it, which I think is due to the amazing mountains that surround you here.  This is by far the most picturesque venue on the World Cup, in my opinion, and that is saying something as we travel to some pretty incredible places.  We are here for the next week, weather has been perfect fall weather, though we could use some cooler days for the snow, but still freezing at night so we should be fine.  I find that I am getting really excited for the season to start and all that ensues with a winter of travel.  I can't wait to settle into some quality time with the team, racing our way all over Europe and enjoying our time together.

Keep kicking ass and being the best you can be.  It's the only way to do it.
Each one is for you, Amy.

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