Monday, October 28, 2013

Fresh Tracks Farm Presents....

....A night with me, but that is not the highlight!  There will be ski inspired yoga, wood fired pizza, and, of course, the best wine east of the Mississippi!  Space is limited so get your tickets early.  I can't wait to catch up with you all!

And now a little on Canmore.

Me, Ida, Jessie, Sophie, Erika Flowers, and Annie Pokorny sporting our new Fast and Female Ambassador hoodies from Lululemon!!!!  Thanks for supporting us Lulu!

On that note of Fast and Female, Chandra Crawford (founder of the organization and Olympic Gold Medalist in 2006) is a close friend and spoke at her first TED talk last week!  Here is the crew of friends and family who came to see her speak, but there were many more who will be watching it online in the coming months.  She spoke about Fast and Female and how being a role model is so much more important than winning a medal.  Her medal helped create the platform she stands on to inspire so many young girls (and people in general).  It was a great speech and I see many more opportunities for her to share her Olympic story among others in the future.  Shoutout to you, Chandra for being brave enough to step up on that stage and take a risk by publicly sharing yourself and your thoughts.  That takes a lot of courage.

I spotted a Bansky in Canmore!

The track!  It was about 2K long this year and created a really nice loop with good terrain and good snow conditions.

The weather also rocked.

Matt on the side of the trail.  Glamor days here in Canmore.

Newell snagging a quick drink on the trails.

What a treat it is for me to hear live music of one sort or another.  This, right here, is my favorite kind.  The kind performed by friends in a living room, singing and strumming together.  Man it sounds so good.  This is Jennie Bender who has an insane voice and loves to harmonize, and her coach, Andrew Moorehouse, whose first recording is coming out in December!  HIGHLY recommend it.

Newell strumming and singing away.  Andy also has his first recording on the way!

The Ninja's wish you all a Happy Halloween!!

I am back in Park City now and then will be heading home to Vermont on the 6th.  I can't believe we are 100 days out from Sochi already and 23 out from leaving on a jet plane for the season.  Wow.  Time flies by even when you are trying to notice each moment.

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