Monday, November 11, 2013


First snow of the year here in East Montpelier yesterday morning for my Mom's birthday!  So, what did she do?  She went skiing!

And I went bounding!

I did a clinic with the Harland Nordic Team on Saturday afternoon.  Great group of kids, and we got to play tag!!  

And we practiced bounding and channeled our inner Antelope and Bambie!

My pooch, Maisie very relaxed in my Mom's arms.

Crazy Masie

My good friends, Hannah, Chester and Maia showed up at my event at Fresh Tracks Farm last week wearing these old T-Shirts that they made for me back in my Cross Countrty running days.  I am so lucky to have such loyal, loving and awesomely cool friends.  Thanks guys.

Constantly in my Mom's lap.

And still pumped as ever about food.

Dried, smelly fish to be precise.  HVT: "High Value Treats" for special occasions.

My good friends Andrea and Theo Ambros.  Their son, and my good friend and teammate at Burke, Marshall had his wedding reception this weekend and I was able to attend!  Really nice to meet his awesome new wife, Megan!

Stopped by Morse Farm to thank everyone for doing trail work yesterday and received an awesome welcome and card from these girls!  Kikkan, you got one too!

My dad is a Cav's fan?!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Apple cinnamon pizza pie!

The birthday gathering here yesterday.  So great get a chance to see everyone before leaving for the winter.

My second cousin Liza is getting so big!

My Mom's Birthday present from Team Ninja!

Sleeping puppy and pops.


I guess I get my lungs from my Mom:)

My cousin Kate and Liza.  Red, white and blue girl!

I take of Friday for the season.  It is always so nice to get this little breather at home in Vermont before heading across the pond for the next 5 months.  Thanks to the community here for always being so supportive and excited for me and to welcome me back after the summer in Park City.

Bon Voyage.  See you in Norway!!!

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pks said...

I love looking at your photos- you do so much in so little time it's amazing!