Monday, June 16, 2014

Ahh, Monday is almost over! Just a quickie.

Its been an eventful week here in Utah with my good friend and strength coach, Tschana giving birth to her baby girl!  Hazel Luna Schiller was born this Monday and boy is she cute.  Here she is, curled up in her quilt and resting soundly.  That's really all she does these days, eat a lot, sleep a lot and cry a little every so often, but crying is tiring, so then she needs to sleep again, but get's hungry again so quickly, so she has to wake up and eat and then it all begins again. Tschana and Matt are already such attentive and loving parents it is really fun to go for visits.

Hazel Luna Schiller

The welcome home brigade in picture form.

Another shot of Hazel

I made biscotti for my first time ever and it turned out pretty tasty, though a but on the crumbly side.

Working on my agility.  Still has a long ways to go, but summer is just beginning;)

Krazy Kones.  That's right, they are extra crazy when spelled with a K.

On Sunday I skied up a canyon from Salt Lake and ran home to Park City on a beautiful trail.  There are so many cool adventures to be had out here!

The wildflowers were out in force and my iPhone just never seems to do them justice.

My trail

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