Monday, June 23, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Wubbels!!!

Its official!  This weekend I got to see two of my closest friend's get married! Congratulations to Alex Shaffer and Cory Wubbels who tied the knot and from here on out they will be known as Mr. and Mrs. Wubbels.  Yes!  I couldn't be more happy for these two.  You know when two people are meant to be together, and these two are just perfect for one another.  I am so happy I got to share in their day/weekend of celebration.
It started with a backyard BBQ at Alex's Mom, Sally's house.

Cory's brother, Andy baked some delicious cookies that were a big hit with everyone, but especially this little guy.

Cory, his brother Andy, sister Kelly and her son Fritz.

Too many guests to name them all, but there are a few key ones from the Wubbels family in Cory's Dad, Jeff 4th from the left and his mom, Sandy all the way on the right.

Some familiar faces here in Matt, Randy Gibbs and his girlfriend, Julie, Alyssa Johnson and Bryan Fish

Nelson Carmichael, two time Olympian and Bronze medalist as well as a two time World Champion in moguls skiing, and 3 time Olympians in Alpine Skiing, Kirsten Clark and Caroline Lalive Carmichael, as well as another very accomplished Alpine racer, Tatum Skoglund and her baby.  Pretty fun to meet some of the women I still have posters of on my wall at home.

Barb Jones on the day of the wedding!

Randy and Matt

No need to break free from the clogs any day of the year!  The brides hand painted wooden clogs from Sweden.

The old crew back together again, and still in their tucks.  Many, many accomplished skiers in this bunch, as well as just an inspiring, wonderfully positive and kind group of ladies.  Was a real pleasure getting to know them all.

The bride and her good friend and teammate Katie Monahan.  These two ladies were both two time Olympians.  Katie also caught the flowers so....:)

The first dance.

The beginning of the dancing....

....and the glowsticks came out.

Charley Furtch was the musician and just won the Utah State "picking" Championships I believe.  He was really good.

It was an awesome weekend, and unfortunately I took no pictures of the brunch the following morning, but the pancakes, quiche, fruit salad, bagels and lox, bloody marys, mimosas, muffins and other delicious food was really good.

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