Monday, June 9, 2014

I came home from the Seiser Alm Pre-Olympic Camp!

It has been a while.....I am sorry readers, I really have no valid excuse except sheer laziness.  My apologies, it will not soon happen again that I make you wait to long for an update.  At this point going back in time to all that happened from February until now seems tedious and not so interesting to read about anyway, so I am going to skip ahead for you all to the now.

Right now, I am in Park City.  I just got back from an awesome Bend Camp with the team, filled with lots of SUN, skiing and good times with teammates and friends in a great town.  It felt early to be getting back on snow, but as soon as I got going on day 1, I was pumped about it.  We spent 10 days training in the morning on the snow and the afternoons in the woods on bikes or running and in the gym jumping around and lifting heavy weights only to put them back down again.

Now it is nice to be back home in Park City, getting back into the swing of life here.  I am spending the summer living in Mike Engel's house with him, which he has generously offered up to me again.  I am not sure how I am ever going to repay all of the generosity I have been showered with in the years I have been a skier.  Pass it on I guess.

Here are a few shots of good times over the last couple weeks.  The most exciting news is that my good friend and strength coach, Tschana Schiller and her husband Matt just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning named Hazel Luna and I can't even wait to meet her.  All of my friends are getting married and having babies these days.  I can't believe I am already at that age, and yet so, so far away from any of that myself! Oh, funny times.

Be well.

My mom and I in our Kentucky Derby Hats!

My mom taught me how to quilt this spring and this is the quilt I made for Tschana and Matt's baby!  I was extremely proud of it, as I have never made a craft of any kind that was worth saving:)

The first tulip of the year in PC.  They are my favorite flower, fyi:)

Most of our Running with Ed team this spring.  The run is a relay race that goes through all of the schools in the district and raises money for Park City Education Foundation.  Super fun day and cool event.

My good friends Tyler Riedesel and Josie Vordenberg.

Bend Camp!  Some of the Wasatch Nordic Ski Team.

About to shred the Whoops here in Bend!

Sadie taking care of all her injuries.

Girls meeting night ended in the Fro-Yo shop!

Pretty psyched coaches taking selfies on my phone. Yep. 

CRUST SKI!!!!  I haven't gotten to do this crust ski up to the base of Brokentop in about 4 years and it was an amazing day for it.  So special to be up there again.  These days are a perfect reminder of how lucky I am to be a skier.

Jessie getting her hike on to get up the steepest section.

We had a visitor in Sue Vordenberg, Pete's mom, come over for some delicious appetizers and great company one night.  Sue lives here in Bend and is a big supporter of the team and lifelong skier herself.

My bike with it's newest sticker! Thanks Skids for helping me shred!

My good friend Bonnie Glover came to town and did a little jumping on the tramps at the COE.

Bonnie and I.  Bonnie was on her way to do a 1/2 Ironman Triathlon in Boise this past weekend.  Just the thought of swimming a mile plus made my legs weak.

Luke Adams graduated from High School on Friday and we threw him a sushi takedown party.  He has accepted at Whitman College in Walla Walla for next year.  Congrats Luke!

Handmade sushi rolls!

Toni, Luke, Lindsay and Greg Adams, Noah's host family.

A rollerski to brunch party on Sunday to Katie Perhai's house!

Katie really went above and beyond for us all!

And Cheryl even flew in for the weekend from Denver! So nice to have everyone back together again!  Tschana headed to the hospital to have Hazel about 8 hours after this picture was snapped.
T, Margo, Matt and Cheryl

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