Monday, September 16, 2013

Smells like heaven

I love the smell of Vermont in the fall.  The crisp air, the leaves beginning to change color, apple season in full swing.  Yum.  I can't get enough of this fresh, clean, happy smell of my Vermont home.  I am heading back to Utah tomorrow, but it sure was nice to get a bit of Vermont's fall feeling and snag some fall produce.

We just finished up our camp in Lake Placid yesterday, capping it all off with Climb to the Castle, the 5 mile rollerski race that ends at the top of Whiteface Mountain.  It is a really tough race, always windy, generally pretty cold, but this year, the sun was shining so all the other elements took a backseat.  (Or at least until the final 1/2 mile stretch which is right into the wind's strongest gusts!)

On my way home I stopped to visit my Cousin, Josh and his wife Kate who just had their second kid, Liza, 3 weeks ago!

This is their first child, Pete, who just turned 2 and his new bike!

The training crew from Lake Placid.  We had an awesome group of athletes this year, with each person adding something to the session.  Made for a really kick-ass
Peru Nordic Masters and me.  I think these guys are the only ski club that calls themselves the "Death Metal Ski Club!"

Apparently my dog, Maisie would like to join me to Utah tomorrow.  Wish I could take her!

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