Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too exciting to wait until Monday...

So my friend, Phoebe Stone is starting her new business of custom seamstress work as well as handmade clothing.  I just received my first dress made by her while I was home and it turned out beautifully.  I have never had a custom made article of clothing and I have to say, it fits like a charm.  It was so fun to watch Phoebe work, measuring here, pinning there and then creating this unique, functional and beautiful dress for me.  She hand dyed the fabric and created a subtle patterned look, that adds to the incredible color of the dress, I think.  It is so cool to be helping a friend get a start on her business and I can't wait to wear this dress!  In fact, it was so comfortable and fun I almost wore it on the plane, but then decided against it, as I usually spill things on myself and I freeze when I fly, so it would have been a bad combination.  

Anyway, please check out Phoebe's website and blog here:

She only has one product for sale at the moment, but if you are intrigued by her work get in touch, as her creative eye and hand may be able to help you create your dream attire.


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Valerie Fischer said...

I love your blog, Liz! Thanks for posting! :-)