Monday, September 23, 2013

Xterra Trail Nationals

Again, I waited until the last minute to do this blog and do not have enough time to really get into a writing zone tonight, but a bit of an recap of my week....

I flew back to Park City on Tuesday night after spending 2 days at home with my parents after our Lake Placid camp.  So nice to be home, always, and to see my family seems to be becoming more and more special as I get older and more mature:)  Jessie Diggins greeted me home, as she has moved in for the remainder of the fall and it is really nice to have the house not feel so empty and have a buddy to train with!  Yesterday I raced in the Xterra Trail Running National Championship which takes place in Ogden, Utah each year.  I have competed in this race 3 years now, though not consecutively, and each year has been different and fun.  Its a great course, climbing over 2200 feet in 21K, but is a loop, so there is quite a bit of downhill as well.  This year I had the opportunity to run with Lindsey Anderson, who I learned after the race competed in her first Olympics in Beijing in 2008 in the Steeplechase!  She and I ran the whole race together until the last mile or so when she opened up a gap that I couldn't close.  To have such a competitive race between the two of us the whole time made for a very exciting 21K for me, as well as a super hard fight, which made it mentally a great preparation race for the season.  Thanks to Xterra for hosting such a well run event again this year.

Yesterday's Xterra 21K Trail National Championship podium. 

It's fall here in Utah! Leaves are beginning to change, shadows are getting long, and the air has a bit of a briskness to it!

Many fall dinner parties! This one was with my good friends Cory, Jessie and Alex and we had some delicious fall flavors!

Along with some Wild Alaskan Salmon that Holly and Kikkan caught on our fishing trip in Alaska a month ago!  Still so delicious!!

My parent's new dog, Maisie, who is 4 months old, trying on her new tutu!

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